Paddy Report 2017, Round 10 vs Mornington

Mornington at Mornington is always a tough gig, so we will take a 9 goal win there anytime. Having said until late in the second quarter we were unable to gain any substantial ascendency. There were three things that stood out, being Mornington seemingly able to run and carry more freely on the outside, the many unforced errors such as missing targets by hand and foot, and some complacent attacks on the football. The good news was that these were not allowed to form into habits and some fine tuning at the main break saw a far more composed game in the second half. Moving Luke Potts into the backline allowed him freedom to be at his creative best, and into the game more. Aaron Edwards bagged another 6 goals and will get even more once we fine tune our delivery. Tim Bongetti got better as the game progressed. Shane Waterstone once again showed strong hands and adept running to assist with many scoring opportunities. Nick Boswell and the other generals in the backline could be well satisfied with their days work, keeping the opposition below 10 goals. Guy Hendry continues to mark everything that comes his way. Paul Scanlon is a marvel and played yet another high possession hard at it game. Apologies to others but essentially, all had their good moments. The key fact is that this is the first time in many years that we have beaten Mornington twice in the season, both in the firsts and reserves.



Pines – 3.0.18   8.1.49   13.7.85   18.9.117

Mornington – 4.3.27   5.6.36  9.9.63   9.9.63


The potential for this to be a special season is evident, but we now enter the home straight, where the hard work is above the shoulders.  We have a substantial squad of players competing for positions. Those successful in gaining a position late into the season will be the ones that understand how much control they have on that outcome.


The reserves played a more consistent game and ran out comfortable winners. At the time of writing the results weren’t on the web page so from memory it was a 10 goal win, with Mornington held goalless until the last few minutes, getting a couple in junk time. Great to see Aaron Ludewig back on the park and in the best, including a couple of clever goals. Harley Peace-Stirling was as elusive as ever, taking a Gary Ablett type mark (held it longer than GAs over Pert) but not being paid. Dale Tedge was also in good form – and we expect these three to be knocking the door down in trying to regain a spot in the seniors. New player Brendan Barefoot continues to impress as he gets comfortable with the game plan. Backline was very good, led by Majok Puok, Jayden Goldsmith, Jakob Beggs and Dave McLaren. Jordy Frawley is having a good year and it’s also great to have Jarryd Guganovic back in tow.


The under 19s did well to kick 7 goals against tough opposition. We say it every week but it is the fact, that this is a very young side, and as such we look forward to a bright future. The great news is that none of the players have dropped out, which is a credit to them, the coaching staff, led by Stephen Jackson – and special mention to Mark Philps who coaches the 17’s and allows a substantial number of permit players to play the additional game. But the day was made much brighter with the water carrier, Kadel Key, being on the park and showing his recovery from the incident of the previous week. We wish Kadel all the best in the javelin event as he flies out to Fiji (one week late) for the 2017 National Championships being held there.


The net ballers are another resilient lot that are hanging in there in a tough season. A grade lost a hard fought game 65 to 27 with a similar score in the Bs 57 to 22. C and D were 54 to 11 and 29 to 6 respectively. Notwithstanding it was great to see a number of the net ballers at our social ball bouncing back from the day with plenty of positive energy.  As we have stated, our aim is to enhance the clubs sports programs so that Football, Netball and Junior football (with an eye to future women’s competition) over the coming years. So we are grateful to those laying some foundation work in preparation for the future.


The annual Pines FNC Social Ball was held at Sandhurst Golf Club. A great setting and a brilliant night with everyone up and about. There wasn’t a person in the room that didn’t engage in the dance, conversation and general fun of the night. Thank you to Jodie Bromley and the events committee and all who participated (including those that paid and weren’t able to attend for personal reasons).  I look forward to next year where we will be challenged to top this one.


Bonbeach at home this week. Legends lunch with Damien Fleming. It will be a great day to be a Pines person – Jeff Svigos.

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