Paddy Report 2017, Round 9 vs Mount Eliza

This is the half way mark.  With 9 games out of the way we come to Mornington at their ground, followed by the annual Pines FNC ball.  The ball is being held at Sandhurst Golf Club and we have catered for a large number, hoping that sponsors and supporters alike will come and mix with the netball and footballers to celebrate where we are, and where we are headed.


There are still tickets available – so for those that aren’t able to help the club with committee activity, or game time, or sponsorship. It would be a great help if you could buy a ticket and come and make this a wonderful night.


The game against Mt Eliza was one that we will learn from. Crowd was good but it seems to me that we are intimidated by their club, and it is clear that their intention is to intimidate. From bringing their own beer and drinking it outside our club rooms (we don’t sell Vic Stubbies), this is a club that shows us scant respect. On the field they again smashed us at every chance they got – good luck to them, they got the points. Same in the two’s.


The day started with the 19s drawing their first points of the year in a most unfortunate way. Kadel Key was injured and required significant medical attention. Thanks to all that helped including the Mt Eliza anaesthetist who worked with the Pines trainers to apply first aid until the ambulance arrived. Thankfully Kadel has made good recovery and expected to be back shortly.


Netball was similar, however the girls made it a much better day with the High Tea event, so that inside the club rooms was positive.


The path ahead is clear for the club. There is no room for complacency. We need all our members, supporters and sponsors present as much as possible, and the players prepared for anything that an opposition throws at them.  Everybody can play a part including anyone that indicated they would like to assist the committee, or be on the committee. Starts by being present.


Please see me or Beau Hendry for tickets to the ball. With the club up and about this is one not to miss.


Details. 7pm. Settlers Run Golf Course. $60 – includes eats.


Jeff Svigos – 0414 223165.

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