Paddy Report 2017, Round 6 vs Karingal

On Saturday we played Karingal at Cars Street. Karingal are without a clubrooms this year and have their games relocated to the Frankston ground. I spent a bit of time with the President who was pretty upbeat given the difficulties of providing 4 netball teams and 3 senior sides without a home ground.  This is something that Pines has experienced twice in the late 2000s when we were taken off the oval while the ground was resewn and the other when the new rooms were built. So we compared notes and the common ground was that neither club wanted any sympathy but both saw it as a chance to go backwards for a short time to prepare for a much stronger future. So you would think it would be odd to judge a clubs form or recent history given such mitigating factors.  This is the challenge for the AFL South East Commission which will present to the President’s proposals from the recent review of the football leagues, Peninsula, Nepean and South Eastern.  Having seen the leaked options a contributing factor is the success of the senior side in the past 5 years, goes a long way to determining which division/competition your club might be in. The first option has Pines competing in the top division (but only just given we’ve only played finals for the past 2 years). The second option has Pines in Division 2 of a 3 divisional competition. These are interesting times! It is therefore really important that Pines is represented as a club aspiring to be the best in the region, in all facets of operating a successful club.  We are well on the way, currently sitting on top of the ladder with the reserves now in 3rd place and the club is attracting new talent each week and new members.  It’s a good time to be a Python. But we had some years in the wilderness and the tail of those years still influences some thinking – and obviously the people who conducted the review. So we won’t be satisfied with the first 6 weeks of the season and are continuing to strengthen our club so that we are unquestionably part of the future of the strongest football played on the Peninsula and broader South East region.  I invite everyone who reads this report to be part of this emergence, you will not regret it.


This week we host Chelsea at our home ground where we will have our newly asphalted car park, and the netball courts on site for the first time.  To celebrate we are making the day all about Pines people and want all life members and sponsors that can make it to come and watch the reserves in the rooms for a couple of hours of beverages on the club.  This is something we plan to do for the remainder of the year at any game where we do not have an organised luncheon function.  For anyone that hasn’t yet received their membership card please come down and get it at the ground and enjoy watching the best football played for some time.


The game against Karingal was good to watch. Our run and carry and transfer is improving every game and we are often able to go coast to coast without giving up the ball. We didn’t have our kicking boots on early and could not put Karingal away, so to their credit they fought the game out well.  The tackling from both sides was fierce and there are a few sore boys post game. The backline was once again superb with Ben Thomas and Nick Boswell covering the ground with ease. Damon Moody came in for his senior debut and didn’t look out of place teaming up with Jacob Boyle and the high marking Hendry’s, Jon Hughes and Daniel John.  Some players were tried in different positions on the day with Corey Ash playing an upfield tagging role on arguably one of the competitions best. Dylan Smillie continued his improvement with some wonderful tap ruckmanship with Chewy Scanlon and Lachie Marshall taking advantage to hit the ball at speed. Pat Jackson and Daniel Falzon danced along the wings to provide a headache for the opposition as well as hitting the scoreboard. Shaun White is running better each week and with Shane Waterstone, and Dale Tedge they all were goal kickers. Young Reece Stewart is showing some wonderful signs as he picks up the pace of the game and then extends his own speed as he takes the game on.  Luke Potts, Brad Kiely and Tim Bongetti were all serviceable and played their usual roles. The icing on the cake was Aaron Edwards who finished with 9 goals for the day playing deep in the forward line and appreciating some good ball into the forward line – something that was absent at the MCG last Saturday.

Pines – 4.8. 32 10.10. 70 14.16. 100 17.16. 118

Karingal – 1.3. 9 3.5. 23 5.7. 37 9.9. 63
The reserves won their third game on the trot with a 12 goal defeat of Karingal and now sit third on the ladder. Lee Hearnden and Taylor Meyer continued to weave magic as they have done this year. Edwards was great and showed off a raking left foot and combined well with Dave McLaren. Brenton Cowell was all class and Harley P-S had the ball on a string. With the chance to extend the run to 4 in a row this week the competition for places will be tough in firsts and seconds. We have depth that we haven’t seen for some time and expect to add at least 3 new players this week with a couple more to return from rests. The club is pumping!

Final score
Pines 15.13. 103
Karingal 4.7. 31 The under battled well and played some very attractive football at times competing with bigger and stronger bodies. Their time will come and it could be this week, as get down early and watch Stella’s boys start off what could be an historic day.

Scores Karingal 89 Pines 3.2. 20.
Netball were not disgraced against one of the top sides and were competitive in all grade without getting a win on the board. However it is time to put all that behind us as the girls settle in to a home court advantage. Like the under 19s get down and watch the girls make history as they christen the courts with their best – Jeff Svigos.

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