Paddy Report 2017, Round 5 vs Mornington

Here’s an interesting fact. On Saturday we played the 5th game of the season and only our second home game. The gate was one of the smaller gates we’ve had in recent years which we will put down to the closure of the car parks as the public works are completed. By the time we get to round 7 on 27th May (2 months of the season gone) we will have played only 2 home games. So the club is indebted to the sponsors and members who have paid up at this time, as you can imagine what having little gate and bar during these early months has done to cash flow. Your contribution has not gone unnoticed and as a club we are continually reviewing what we do and how we do it to ensure you get value for money – and share in the successes.

We are also aware that so many generous people don’t necessarily expect much, but it is so important to us that we provide each sponsor with their full sponsorship package.  To do this we need full contact details, or you can attend a game and collect your memberships, provide the logo’s for advertising your organisation or product and assess for yourself the value of your contribution. To that end we will put together a very simple one page registration form for sponsors and ensure our catalogues are contemporary.

Similarly with life members and distance members. For those of you yet to collect your memberships for 2017, feel free to contact and let us know the best way to get these to you. My preference as President is to hand deliver when you attend a game so that I can bring you up to date on all the good things that are happening at the club, as I know that with life membership you are recognised for your eternal wish for the club to do well. On the 27th May we play Chelsea and I will be in the clubrooms with the life membership and sponsorship listings and will have your memberships ready to distribute for those that want to come and collect, update your contact details and see a game.

And now the game.  The firsts gave us a look at what happens when the side puts it all together. The run and carry, drawing of opposition and give was, the best we’ve used the ball this season and together with an unrelenting press Mornington looked as bad as we looked good. The fact that Mornington did not kick a goal until the game was nearly finished said it all. Nick Boswell was supreme across half back as was his delivery. Tim Bongetti shook off his corky to show a set of 4 handy long left foot goals. Lachlan Marshall worked tirelessly around the packs and Luke Potts once again got a lot of the ball. Jacob Boyle and Corey Ash were clever runners out of the backline and Dylan Smillie proved the equal of one of the best ruckman in the league.

Goal kickers: Bongetti 4, Edwards 3, Tedge, Marshall, Jackson, Kiely, Stewart, Smillie

Truth is there were no passengers as the side played the press as well as we have, and cut through the oppositions press through run and carry and taking the ball into the forward line with much more thought than the previous game. Exciting times ahead, with a break this week for all but the inter league players – who we will congratulate in next week’s report as at this time we are not clear on all representatives.

Pines                     2.1. 13   5.4. 34   10.8. 68 13.14. 92

Mornington        0.0. 0     0.4. 4     0.5. 5     1.5. 11

The reserves won their first set of two in a row for quite a few years. The play was once again very good and the team is replicating the game plan better each week. Frawley continues to give us a running 6 footers game, and the backline was impassable with McLaren, Moody, and Goldsmith holding together with the evergreen ‘Tassie’ Marriner playing his first season of reserves after 300 odd first games. Majok Puok played a ripper on a talented full forward and is developing well. Goal kickers were shared amongst the players with Goldsmith, Peace-Stirling, Frawley, Edwards, Hendry, Lithgow and Berry all getting on the board. The reserves are now in the five and will get better as the season progresses.  For the first time in (we won’t set the number) years we have the first and reserves in the five.

Pines                     5.2. 32   6.5. 41   7.10. 52 7.10. 52

Mornington        1.1. 7     2.3. 15   3.3. 21   4.4. 28

The unders played much better and competed well against the older boys. Kicking 5.3 was a good effort and we can look forward to the talent coming through for a couple more years given how young this side is. Key, Bezzene, Humphrey, Hale, Jackson and Howe were the better players. Goal kickers were Cornell, Santas, Key and Pusch, together with Joel Nicholls who made a welcome return from a crack in the leg from the first game.

Pines                     0.0. 0.    1.3. 9     2.3. 15   5.3. 33

Mornington        5.6. 36   6.10. 46 12.13. 85              14.16. 100

In the netball the A grade struggled against Mornington going down 51 to 30. Breirley was best player. We meet top side Karingal next game so will be geared up for a big improvement. B grade got a little closer going down 48 to 34 and find themselves 2 games outside the top 4. Best player Ayla. C grade were no match for Mornington losing 14 to 59 with Ashlee seen as the best and D grade had a similar scoreline at 18 to 46 with Shakika best. This didn’t put a dampener on the Mother’s Day afternoon tea at the club rooms where the raffle went over a treat, as did the champagne. Thank you to all the net ballers who provided prizes and everyone who sold tickets. Money raised goes towards the clubs contribution to the netball courts which now has the top coating and is looking great.

With the first game on the new courts scheduled for 27th May against Chelsea these girls deserve a huge support for persevering without home courts for so long. Please get along and cheer them on, if not this week, then on the 27th, as there is a big chance for this to be a suite of wins – with A grade already getting the points in advance. – Jeff Svigos

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