Paddy Report 2017, Round 13 vs YCW

This week the select sponsor is Darren Ash Managing Director, Owner and Operator of Freight Cost Solutions. This is an innovative company with vast experience in the freight industry finding better and more efficient logistic options. Apart from being the father of Corey Ash who is making a mark in his senior football at Pines, Darren is a great supporter of Football and the Pines club. Thanks Darren.

There is much to like about the improvement that is being shown in the club. We have a very strong support base, which includes a great range of sponsors, providing philanthropic generosity that says much about their love for where the club is headed. Despite the loss on the weekend to YCW the club knows where it is and where it needs to be when the game steps up a notch. While it is true that the loss of Aaron Edwards is a big blow given his presence on the field, it would be insulting to Aaron and all other players to suggest this was a factor in us playing badly. Those who watched the game and are close to the team would have been more bewildered with the lack of work rate in the playing group, and this might be where the impact of Aaron being out, hit the players – above the shoulders. The first quarter was telling as the first 20 minutes, only a sole point was scored. We had enough of the ball, and in our forward line, to put some scoreboard pressure in place, but our decision making was questionable. Bottom line is, players in the forward line need to be confident to take the shot at goal. So with no scoreboard pressure at quarter time we were on the defensive trying to catch up for the remainder of the game. So this week we dust ourselves off, watch the tape and learn a bit more in preparing for Mt Eliza. Some positive news is that we get back our captain, Beau Hendry, our full back Jack Fisher, and his off-sider Ben Thomas which should make a significant difference to the defence. There is also a surprise for all supporters this week – don’t miss – as this will be a special game and historical for the Pines family connection.

Pines – 0.0.0 2.2.14 3.4.22 6.5.41
YCW – 1.3.9 6.5.41 10.8.68 14.11.95

The reserves beat YCW for the second time this year to secure their spot in the 5. For those that remember last year this is a 30 goal turnaround and the enthusiasm in the reserves is gaining with many players returning for a shot at finals. Brenton Cowell and Mick Bezzene were in everything. Adam McPherson is playing good football as is Brendan Barfoot. Liam Jackson and Jakob Beggs improve every week, and David McLaren was solid. Great things ahead for these boys.

Pines – 1.2.8 3.3.21 6.6.42 10.8.68
YCW – 2.1.13 4.3.27 6.3.20 7.3.45

I spoke last week about the under19s and the warnings being thrown about what this would be like playing against the Casey league teams. Saturday the boys were yet again against much larger and older boys. We had 17 players, they had full 22. We kicked two goals and had opportunity to kick more which was a wonderful effort given the odds stacked against our young players. So of course YCW, Mt Eliza and the like want things to remain as is, given their numbers. They also want Pines to be restricted by the catchment of our postcode. That benefits these clubs, not ours. We will find out shortly and we will accept the umpire’s decision and operate our club within the governance imposed. Hopefully, whoever is successful, they have the courage to ensure that clubs playing finals are paid up in regard debts to the league, before they are allowed to play in finals. Jeff Svigos, President Pines FNC.


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