Paddy Report 2017, Round 12 vs Langwarrin

This week at the YCW game we will be trialling a pre-order of sit down meals, where supporters can come into the rooms between 12 and 1.30pm, and enjoy a sit down meal. You can order a POT AND A PARMA, or a RED AND A ROAST. To place an order, see the details at the bottom of the report. Orders need to be in by the end of training Thursday night, to allow Darrel to prepare his culinary delights.

This week the select sponsor is Stephen Johnson Carpets who has been with us over the journey since the 80’s when Stephen played with Pines as our premier full back. Floor coverings in the club rooms have been provided by this sponsor and they stock and fit all the modern range of products at their factory and show room in Hartnett drive, Seaford. This is another ‘home grown’ success story from the Pines with the management of the business being overseen by Johnno for many years before handing the reigns to Brendan Moore. Brendan who was an exceptionally talented player and captain coach of Pines, making his mark at the highest level for Essendon and then Frankston Dolphins where he made the team of the last 50 years. Johnno was a much decorated footballer and cricketer at Pines, playing in premierships as the prominent full back with a dynamic left foot. The club recognises and thanks the generosity of the people behind this organisation.

The senior game was pretty much a defensive game, where the numbers behind the ball stifled much of the scoring. If not for some junk time goals the scoreboard would have not had much action. In spite of this the boys played some very good football with great use of handball to create opportunity. Nick Boswell was great running out of the backline even though tagged for most of the game. Paul Scanlon is having a season and a half and was damaging. Corey Ash was doing a hard tag and managed to hit the scoreboard. The side lost Aaron Edwards early to a serious knee injury which meant that the forward line entry needed a tweak. Dale Tedge responded well with his scrap to keep the ball in the offensive, and kick 5 goals. Tim Bongetti doubled in the ruck and around the goals with 4 himself. Brad Kiely was sharp with his hands and shared the ball around, and kicking 2 goals. Pat Jackson got his running game going and is ready for a big one. So with YCW this week the team is cherry ripe to show how well the football program stands up against the yard stick. Will be different without having Aaron as the forward target but all have accepted the additional responsibility to ensure that we are successful. Suggest every Pines person that can, get down to the game this week-end to watch the game of the round.

Pines – 2.4.16 6.10.46 10.13.73 13.15.93
Langwarrin – 0.1.01 0.2.02 1.5.11 5.6.36

The reserves got back on the winning list with a 10 goal win. Another game which had to be halted when young James Cornell was slung and knocked out requiring an ambulance to access the ground and a trip to hospital. The good news is apart from some soreness and a concussion James is up and about but certainly put a scare through the club. A very slow first half where the team dawdled to an eleven point advantage. Then an explosive 3rd quarter saw Pines kick 8 goals straight before meandering through the final stanza with 1 goal. The mainstay of the goals saw Rhys Chalkley notch up 7 goals with strong marking and accurate kicking. Brendan Barefoot continued his good form. Adam McPherson is getting a lot of the ball and Liam Jackson providing plenty of run. Damo Plane was getting back to form and along with Brenton Cowell and Taylor Meyer troubled the opposition. This week the reserves get the chance to beat YCW twice in the one season and in doing so cement their place in the final five. Worth coming to see.

Pines – 2.4.16 3.7.25 11.7.73 12.12.84
Langwarrin – 0.0.0 2.2.14 3.2.20 4.2.26

The under19s were short by quite a few players so the scores were irrelevant. The argument being put forward against full divisional football is that teams like ours will get smashed playing against the Casey teams. This is a bizarre reasoning given how stifled we are if we remain in our postcode (which seems to only suit those who want us to be like them). I have a strong belief in the Pines football program being something that will attract aspiring footballers. It is this reasoning that I’m backing our club to keep developing the program throughout the senior and junior club. To prove the point this year on our list our football program has attracted more than 10 new players (8 have played seniors) and over 20 since the program started two years ago. Similarly with the junior club and the thirds, whatever the future of that structure, we are aiming for the same approach. I prefer the errors of enthusiasm to the indifference of wisdom.

Netballers had another difficult day bringing the day forward to meet the request of the hosts saw them win one for the day. B grade got up 42 to 32. A grade were stiff going down 33 to 46 and C and D soundly beaten on the scoreboard.

As I said earlier, this week you can pre-order a POT AND A PARMA for $20 or a RED AND A ROAST for $25. Please make payment to BSB 083420 Ac Number 5152 14905 and mark with your surname. Then please advise me via text as to your meal preference. 0414 223 165.


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