Paddy Report 2017, MPNFL vs GEELONG league

Congratulations to the Pines representatives in the MPNFL v Geelong league final played at the MCG on Saturday.  Aaron Edwards, Guy Hendry, Tim Bongetti, Luke Potts and Beau Hendry as an emergency did us proud. Those who went to the game were treated to something special. There would be few amongst the MPNFL followers that would connect the first interleague game between the Nepean Football League and the MPFL back in 1977, leading to a representation on the MCG between the Peninsula and Geelong leagues. And few would credit Pines as the club that would demonstrate as the club with the initiative to drive and support opportunity beyond its own club interest. For the history buffs, look it up, or look at 1977 on the website (who could forget Mick Hobgens first bounce punch that went well into the forward line or Johnny Blooms great high marks under the guidance of Burkey). So it was fitting that our boys and our supporters did us proud at this historic game. Luke Potts got plenty of it, Aaron and Tim competed as hard as they always did and provided many opportunities to the small forwards (who butchered plenty) and Guy gave his all in defence. The final score was pretty right, given the MPNFL missed opportunities, whereas Geelong took them all in front of goal and were worthy winners of their 5th trophy in succession as the premier football league in Victoria.


5.1. 31

9.2 56 14.4. 88

16.9. 105


4.11. 35   8.13.  61

11.17. 83 


So we now turn to playing Karingal at Frankston ground on Saturday.  The depth in the club is getting stronger and competition for positions means every player needs to be at their best, training and playing to force their way into the side, or remain in the side. This includes the reserves who now sit in the 5 and from the enthusiasm at training, expect to remain there. This week we want to start to sharpen our support with a huge turn out as we take the form forward towards the mid-year break (Queens Birthday weekend). Yet another away game challenges the financial management of the club so sponsorship and membership is certainly appreciated. We can’t wait to get onto our own ground on Saturday 27th May, where we will be honouring the Pines FNC Life Members and Sponsors leading into the Band Night event after the game- which we will talk more about in next week’s report. It will also be the first time we use the new netball courts so the day and night will be a huge event for the club.  Don’t miss it. Go Pines – Jeff Svigos.



As we have highlighted previously, it has been a tough start to the year financially with only 1 home game, and with limited access due to renovations to the ground. This is another big call out to those people who have pledged sponsorships, to please come down tonight, or forward payment to club via the direct debit system. We are no different to any small business, where we are reliant on cash flow and all matter of items from payment of players, trainers, tape etc. Would really appreciate you finalising your sponsorship payments sooner than later, as we want to continue an excellent start to the season on and off the field. Attached are the payment details.


All sponsors, please complete the attached page, so we can add you and/or your business to our BUY PINES page on our website. This is what we would like to be able to assist your business in, for supporting our club. Ideally it should provide you with business opportunities as a quid pro-quo for you supporting our great club – Mark Dunsford.   

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