Player Profiles

As we look forward to the 2017 season, we meet and discuss some of our key players ready to see the Pines all the way to the Grand Final.

Go Pines!

  1.   Dylan Smillie – Young 20 year old up and coming ruckman
  2.   Michael Bezzene – 18 year old pacey outside runner
  3.   Luke Potts – Ball magnet experienced local player. Achieved at VFL, TAC and representative football
  4.   Chris Guganovic – One club veteran wingman. Provides great run and carry
  5.   Brad Kiely – Strong on-baller with good hands and great delivery. Ex-TAC rep and 2016 Captain of MPNFL    under 19 representative team
  6.   Tim Bongetti – 2016 MPNFL MVP and representative player. Represented Vic Country 2016.
    Strong football resume and provides a great forward presence. Can pinch hit in the ruck.
  7.   Jacob Boyle – 18 year old into his third season. Runs in straight lines and can hit up at either end of the
    ground. Continues to show improvement with an exciting future.
  8.   Shawn White – Great run and carry which was missed in 2016. Will add depth this year and improved
    outside run and delivery into the forward line.
  9.   Corey Ash – 20 year old into his third year. Very sure back line player who provides quality linkage. Will
    continue to grow and improve as part of a much strengthened backline.
  10.   Rhys Chalkley – 22 year old, local lad heading towards 50 games. A strong mark and a good kick. Can play
    at either end as well as pinch hit the ruck.
  11.   Jake Berry – Has given great service to the club as its crash and bash ruckman. A strong mark and can get
    around the ground to fill the holes. Provides the ruck depth needed at the club.
  12.   Dale Tedge – Classy small forward that can provide a strong marking presence. Straight kick and desperate
    forward tackle. One club player with great Pines heritage.
  13.   Shane Waterstone – 22 year old into his third year. Continues to improve as an on-baller providing
    strength at the contest. Very sure hands and a strong contested mark. Good runner with a big tank who
    can pinch a goal.
  14.   Paul Scanlon – One of country footballs most decorated players. Struck down with osteo-pubis at the half-
    way point of 2016 resulting in runner up league best and fairest. Looking to return to full fitness and
    make a mark on 2017 as one of the premier on-ballers.
  15.   Damian Plane – 22 year old who is into his third season. Often played as a small forward who improved
    considerably in 2016. Will benefit from a much more shared workload and depth in 2017.
  16.   David McLaren – Dmac was one of a number of reserves players that continued to run up in 2016 no
    matter how bad the circumstances. Will benefit from the depth at the club with the return of a number of
    players and some new.
  17.   Jon Hughes – Local Pines boy who when given a shot in 2016, played every game in the firsts.
    Demonstrates a hunger for more and will only get better with the added depth to the backline.
  18.   Damien Lawrence – Young player transferred from Seaford following a successful move to Pines cricket
    club. Strong player who is fit and can run and kick long. The forwards will benefit from his delivery.
  19.   Aaron Ludewig – Had a great season in 2016 after being a consistent local performer in previous years.
    Can kick a goal and provide strong presence at the ball. Will be hungry in 2017 for greater success.
  20.   Daniel Falzon – Broke back into the seniors in 2016 and was showing great promise as a developing run
    and carry wingman. Overseas travel interrupted his development and Woody returns with a hunger to
    back up in 2017.
  21.   Daniel John – DJ improved in 2016 becoming a strong mark and quick outside runner who was
    encouraged to take the game on. Expect to continue that improvement in 2017 as a versatile option.
  22.   Guy Hendry – Young home grown leader. Returned to his best in the 2016 finals as one of the premier
    forwards in the competition. Cannot be beaten when he is able to run at the ball. A good long kick for goal
    and regular in the top goal kickers of the competition.
  23.   Jack Fisher – MPNFL full back in team of the year. Went down in the second half of the season with an
    ACL. At the time had held the best forwards to minimal goals, so a great loss in 2016. Expect to return at
    the half-way mark of 2017 and provide the depth that was sorely missed in the second half of 2016.
  24.   Jarrod Stewart – Worked hard in the 2016 pre-season starting the year off strongly. Went down with a bad
    ankle injury which finished the season for Jazz. Expect to return to form based on a strong pre-season.
  25.   Reece Stewart – 19 year old with pace to burn. Expect 2017 to be the break out year for Reece after having
    cameos in the early 2016 games.
  26.   Joel Brunn – Stalwart of the club, Joel went down after a courageous mark in the first game. A resultant
    knee injury robbed him of momentum in 2016. His experience and hunger for the contest adds a quality
    dimension to the depth, so sorely absent in 2016.
  27.   Aaron Edwards – Premier footballer with a quality resume including an AFL career at West Coast, North
    Melbourne and Richmond. MVP of the MPNFL in his first year with Pines. Has been a sensational
    presence at the club and now into his third year is leaving nothing to chance in his pursuit of the ultimate
  28.   Lachlan Marshall – 21 year old from Pearcedale. Strong at the ball and another of the young running
    brigade. Sure to make a presence in his first year.
  29.   Harley Peace-Stirling – 21 year old local lad who earned a call up half way through 2016. Held his spot for
    the remainder of the season. Has very sure hands and a good mark. Adds value as a goal kicker.
  30.   Todd Lithgow – Another of the young brigade. Can provide a strong mark and kick a goal. Into his third
    year and with a full pre-season should enjoy his football with a much strengthened senior squad.
  31.   Travis Pastuska – A committed president of the club for the past 4 years, Trav will benefit from being able
    to focus on football and success in the reserves. Has had a good pre-season and will provide the
    leadership needed as the reserves improve in 2017.
  32.   Ben Thomas – Pre-Season with Port Melbourne sees Ben come to us ahead of most in fitness and
    strength. Has a big tank and will slot in nicely as a prime defender, strengthening the backline
    considerably. A great fit for the club expected to make an impact.
  33.   Matt Kiely – 22 year old, returns for a second year of senior football. Keen to learn and has the basic
    talents to make an impact. Will benefit from having more depth and player support in the senior squad.
  34.   Beau Hendry – Local Pines lad who has grown into an impressive leader. As captain took on the ruck role
    in 2016 and was rarely beaten. Iced the cake with the club best and fairest and retains the hunger for
    higher achievements. Versatile as a back or forward. Depth in the side makes Beau a more dangerous
    prospect for opposition.
  35.   Damien Moody – 22 year old had his first year at the club in 2016 and showed form in the latter half of
    the season. Availability robbed Damo of opportunity so is keen on giving 2017 his best.
  36.   Majok Puok – 19 year old straight out of the unders. Impressed when called on to assist the reserves last
    year and is a raw talent that will improve within the senior football program. Provides a set of utility skills
    that will develop quickly in 2017.
  37.   Joe Waite – 18 year old newcomer. Shows good skill and pace at training and will be a promising addition.
  38.   Jordan Frawley – 20 year old. Working hard to gather the fitness. Has bulked up and has height so expect
    Jordan to take on more prime positions. Had a good first senior year and expected to further improve
    with a full pre-season.
  39.   Jayden Goldsmith – 19 year old. Tall, sure hands and classy left foot. Has the skills to be a special player
    and will benefit from a year of nurturing in the senior program. With the added depth should surprise a
    few opposition.
  40.   Not yet filled
  41.   Rhys Cupid – 19 year old. very strong player. Has a great opportunity to take advantage of the senior
    football program and get the best out of what is promising but raw. With a full pre-season could be a good
  42.   Jakob Beggs – 19 year old who broke into the senior side from under last year. Played a finals and will be
    better for the experience. The lad can play and expected to develop greatly with increased depth and
    support in the senior squad.
  43.   Matt Bailey – Matt arrived half way through last year to assist an undermanned reserves. Will enjoy
    football much more in a stronger side. Can play on-ball and outside run. Might surprise a few.
  44.   Not yet filled
  45.   Jake Connelly – Talented young 19 year old. Lot to like and will be yet another runner to add to the
    growing number of fleet footed players. Another who could surprise with rapid development within the
    football program.
  46.   (31)Lachlan Pizzey – Talented young player with heaps of upside. Tall and good in the air. With a pre-
    season he can expect to fulfil his potential.
  47.   Billy Humphries – Had a year off to concentrate on cricket. The club is hopeful of a return on the back of a
    good 2015. Could surprise.
  48.   Jarrad Guganovic – Family commitments saw Razor miss 2016 after a solid 2015. Another who could
    surprise if able to commit.
  49.   Byron Tovara – New player to the club and looks promising at training.
  50.   Not yet filled
  51.   Pat Jackson – 22 year old wingman who has benefited from the football program to become an elite
    running player. Great to watch another young player growing into his potential.
  52.   Gordon Hendry – Young up and comer yet to fulfil potential but growing into his role. Has balanced the
    important contribution to the club as a sire of future talent while still being an on-field competitor.

22.   Joel Nicholls – Still under 19s and makes himself available to assist the reserves. Tall player who will be
an important part of the Pines future as he learns from the football program.

36.  Connor Jackson – 17 year old doing pre-season with the seniors. Reads the play well and will enjoy
playing in the under 19s.

55.  Liam Jackson – Young player from under 19s. Will benefit from the senior football program.